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2 – Instructor Roles

An Instructor is a user who creates the courses, manages the courses and students.


  • An Instructor by default gets access to a lot of features in the sites. Like viewing all Questions in the question bank, viewing all units in the directory through the admin panel.
  • Instructor however can not edit or delete the contents from Units created by other Instructors.
  • An Instructor can not manually assign badges and certificates to students who are not taking the course.
  • When Instructor Privacy setting is turned on, one instructor can not see the content from another instructor.

Group Admin

  • An instructor is also the Group Admin of the groups connected to Courses published by him. An Instructor therefore can Add or Remove any student from the Group. An Instructor can also assign some students as Group Moderators for efficient functioning of the group.

Forum Admin

  • Just like the groups, an Instructor is the Forum administrator for the Forum Connected to the Course.
  • An Instructor can delete any sub-forum, topic in the Course forum.
  • An Instructor can ban any user in his/her forum.
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