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1 – Introduction

The course instructor have a lot of controls and access rights. Below the flowchart depicts the various functions of the instructor.


1 - Introduction

  • Create sections and units for the course. Note that sections are just separators that used to organize units into groups so the course would have a clear structure. It is the unit that contains the meat of the course. The unit can be connected to a specific forum and the course can be connected to a specific forum as well as a course group. However, the only connection between a course and its units is through adding units to the course’s curriculum.
  • The instructors can also create badges and certificates for their courses to give their participants more incentive to follow along.
  • Quiz can be created and associated to a course while questions are not associated with any course but can be added to the quiz from your question bank. There are 4 basic question types with various media formats. WPLMS supports H5P,  An instructor can also set a timer on the quiz do limit the time allowed to complete. The quiz evaluation can either be automatically or manually accessed.
  • An education site can accommodate multiple instructores, an instructor can sell multiple courses or course groups as a combos. An instructor can also set course price, provide coupons, set pre requisite course, or enable subscriptions.
  • To facilitate communications between the instructors and the course takers, forums and groups can be set. There are also options for instructors to send private or mass message to the students. The result of evaluation can even be sent to the students automatically.
  • The course stats are always updated. Upon completion, the certificate and excellence badge will be issued if it’s been configured.


  • 1 - Introduction
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