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Unit 0 – 0 – Getting Started

objectives and activities

Unit Overview

What are our goals in this unit:

  • be introduced to the concept of computational creation, in the context of Scratch;
  • be able to imagine possibilities for your own Scratch-based computational creation;
  • become familiar with  resources that support your computational creation;
  • prepare for creating Scratch projects by establishing Scratch accounts, exploring Scratch studios, creating design journals, and organizing critique groups.

We’ve prepared six activities and you can do as much or as less as you like:

  • Introducing Scratch
    • Watch the Scratch overview video and imagine what’s possible with Scratch
  • Scratch Account
    • Set up a Scratch account to save and share your projects
  • Design Journal
    • Create a design journal to write down notes and reflections on the process of designing Scratch projects
  • Scratch Surprise
    • Can you make the Scratch cat do something surprising?
  • Scratch Studio
    • Learn how to create a studio and add a project to the studio
  • Critique Group
    • Gather in small peer groups to give and receive feedback on ideas and projects drafts.
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