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Q-0-1-Introducing Scratch

Reflection questions:

  • What are the different ways you interact with computers?
  • How many of those ways involve being creative with computers?

There are so many things you can make with Scratch. You can make interactive games like puzzles, hunting games, music instruments, role playing games, story tellers… Hey, it’s not limited on the computer screen only. With Scratch, you are also able to control lights, mechanical arms, motors, actuators… With the help of a wide variety of sensors like cameras, temperatures sensors, GPS, pressure sensors and more, you can even create a full functional robot to do whatever you tell it to do.

Scratch 3.0 is currently in preview mode. Thanks for the developers and educators working hard behind the scene, we can reach far and high with our creative computing ability!

Scratch: Unleashing Creativity through Coding from Mitchel Resnick on Vimeo.

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