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Art – 3D Basic Shape Sketching

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Course Introduction 课程简介

Course Code – A303: 3D Basic shape sketching course

3D Basic shape sketching course is under the Junior Program,  the 3rd stage of STEAMS Arts to learn Fundamentals of Fine Art Professionally.

Through the application of basic geometry and combination of body, three-dimensional cognition and the basic enlightenment of Still life sketch, with a happy and easy to the eye hand brain comprehensive training form, for students to open the system sketch techniques to explore and professional creation of enlightenment door. In this process, to improve students ‘ deep cognition and wider application of various complex elements of painting, to improve their sensitivity to shape and space, to continue to adopt the teaching method of combining five senses and painting, and to combine the teaching extension of school after class to give different art exhibition space for primary school students.)



Note: This course is also open to adult student



STEAMS Art Course Structure

A301:Student who completed A-2 program

A302:None-experience student 11yrs +

A303:3D Basic shape sketching course

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