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Scratching the surface of programing by making interesting games. In this course we’ll be making some interesting games in MIT Scratch together, step by step. The purpose of this course is just to expose young learner to the ins and outs of Scratch programming techniques. We assume you have the basic understanding of Scratch and will dive into the intermediate and advanced programming techniques quickly.

This course can be used as the stepping stone to the advanced programming course such as robotic automations.

Many of the people who have shaped our digital world started out by coding games for fun. Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft, wrote his first computer program at the age of 13—a tic tac toe game. Just a few years later a teenage Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak, who later founded Apple together, created the arcade game Breakout. They started coding simply because they enjoyed it. They had no idea how far it would take them or that the companies they were to build would change the world. You might be the next one like them.

Coding doesn’t have to become a career, but it’s an amazing skill and can unlock exciting doors to your future. Or you might just want to play around with code for the fun of it. Computer games open up worlds of imagination. They reach out across the internet and allow us to play together. They are packed with creativity, from music, stories, and art to ingenious coding. And we’re hooked on them: so much so that the games industry is now worth more than the movie industry.  It’s huge.

And now, instead of being just a player, you can become a game maker too. You can take control of every aspect of those imaginary worlds: how they look, sound, and feel. You get to invent the stories, the heroes, the villains, and the landscapes. But first you need to take control of your computer. To tell a computer what to do, you need to speak its language and become a programmer! Thanks to languages like Scratch, it’s never been easier. Just follow the simple steps in this book to build each game and you’ll see what goes on inside each one. Follow the chapters in order, and you’ll pick up the essential skills you need to design and build your very own games.

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